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How to build your own
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The new flexible way of working.

When you work with Phanum your startup is backed up by a vetted freelancer community and self-managed by your own eCommerce Strategist.

You deal with one but work with the skills of many.

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Why the Phanum community?

Expertise On-demand. Whenever you need it.

We avoid bureaucracy as much as possible. No tickets, no automated emails, no robots. Just top eCommerce professionals available for your business just like that. Join our Slack now and ask us a question, right away.

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eCommerce Centered. For startups and scaleups.

We master eCommerce. We work exclusively with online retailers so we know the benchmarks that your business needs and how to achieve them. Learn from us:

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Our focus: The 4 eCommerce Pillars

We identified the most important areas that allow eCommerce businesses to grow.
Our freelancer community covers all these areas of expertise.

Paid traffic

We help you to start up with new channels or optimize the ones that you already have. To name a few: Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, or Affiliate. Awareness and Profitability.

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Site Optimization

We make custom front-end site upgrades. Fast site experience and a great layout are game-changers for webshops. With the right changes and upgrades, your conversion might gain a significant boost.

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Content Marketing

We help you to identify opportunities and upgrade your content. This is fundamental to outstand your business from the rest: keyword research > internal linking > site categorization > product information.

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Software development

We build tailored software. Integrations with 3rd parties such as suppliers, bookkeeping systems, or shipping partners. Building the correct connections helps your business to be more efficient.

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Check out our knowledge base

Here is where we share the knowledge of Phanum freelancers. We write about SEO, SEA, web development, UX and UI design for e-commerce.

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We've been serviced by Phanum for some years now. Always a good adequate service and well skilled in different e-commerce disciplines.

Frank van der Feltz

   Director -


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How to build an outsourced team composed entirely of freelancers. We will go through the challenges eCommerce startups face when hiring expertise. What would you hire? An agency, in-house, freelancers.

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