Our manifesto




We are freelancers. We master our craft.

We are high-level independent professionals and with our knowledge and experience, we help businesses grow.

We believe that building your own brand is what gives joy and drive so we encourage that. As a freelancer, you will eventually become a bigger business. We support each other in our growth process.

We believe that having a cross-skilled profile makes you a real expert. Working together with other professionals makes it easy to learn and to work on better projects.

Our mission is to build the largest collective of freelancers to make our services more effective for us and for our clients.

Our strength lies in working together.

If you have gaps in your knowledge, your fellow freelancers will help you learn and expand your skills over time. The only thing you need is a commitment to learning.

Freelancing is not a solo pursuit anymore at Phanum.

Being a community and learning from each other makes our freelancing more efficient and helps us improve our service.

We all thrive on each other's success.

We are proactive. If we do not know something, we reach out to our peers and ask the real experts.

We share our knowledge, this is a community, not a competition.

We deliver quality and we believe it.

Being a freelancer can be daunting. You must not only be a master of your craft but also have to have a large and curated network, marketing, sales, and financial skills, be up to date on the latest trends ...

That is why, while you focus on building yourself up as a business, we work together to find more work. Every member of the collective is eventually a salesperson.
Each of us has more skills because we can work together with other experts. The dream team, sort of speak.

Phanum is a collective of independent professionals, together we can find clients easier than when being alone. With us, you have a team that complements your skills and supports you on your journey.

Freelancing is hard. We are here to help.