Getting more without overworking

Yes, earning more without overworking is possible. The idea is not only earning while we work but earning while we ‘sleep’ too. Some of us work 20 hours per week. Some 40 hours. Some more than 60 hours. Either employee, freelancer or entrepreneur we need to find our way to earn more without working more.

Less work, more value.

If we work too much we will burn out. If we work too little we won’t get things done. What about stretching time? That is possible with only one thing: Network.

This update is about one specific technique to stretch time in the business world: a referral program. That might sound like something only companies would do, but we actually do it quite often when we refer a friend for a specific job.

How many times have we heard:

  • “If you know somebody that [INSERT SKILL HERE], let me know”.

Just a friendly reminder, that there is an entire industry moving billions that is based on that principle. That is Recruitment.

Put your network to work

As a freelancer, it is essential to have a network. Well, actually as a person, it is essential to have a network. It allows us to be more efficient with our time and to reach our goals easily.

Being alone won’t get us far. We all need each other.

Back to my update, it is about all of us creating a referral program for ourselves.

This is how I am doing it at Phanum:

1 – You know people. Some of these people can benefit from Phanum’s services (Technical SEO, Content SEO & Development). I can help these people.

2 – You bring the contact, I check if it’s a match.

3 – I send them a proposal, and you get 40 EUR.

4 – If they become a client, you get 8-10% of what I invoice them per month.

In order to keep our network engaged I update them regularly with the learnings from our freelancing hustle: price strategy, operation challenges, scalability, etc.

That way I do not need to go hunting client by client which takes way too much work. Instead I only have contact with a close network to which I share my knowledge and skills. Then within that ‘trained’ network there will be a lot more chances that I can score a new client.

The best part is: ANYBODY can build their own referral program. Just keep your network alive. It is not that difficult but it requires strict consistency.

If you want to earn extra cash, spread the word. Join me in this journey to receive updates, new connections, potential new work, and of course, money.



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