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SEO training for companies - Start from scratch - Jairo Guerrero - Phanum

How to build an SEO Strategy from scratch?

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You better gain some strategic knowledge about SEO before you start investing big budgets into it. SEO ain't cheap, you have to learn first so you invest wisely.

Get Your SEO Right

How to create SEO Content that grows your revenue?

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SEO has to return value. The 3-6 months story is not 100% true. You can see results much faster. Actually in matter of days. In this workshop we dive deeper into the content that brings revenue and not only traffic.

Get Revenue From SEO

SEO training for businesses - Create scalable content with AI - Jairo Guerrero - Phanum

How to generate content at scale with AI tools?

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AI won't solve your SEO magically :( BUT is a fantastic way to get more efficient with content creation. In this session we will dive deeper into the strategy and tools to create content at scale.

SEO + AI Best Friends

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Get your own Tailored SEO Training

Here are some more topics I can help you with. If you do not find your preferred topic, just let me know, I can create a custom training for you.

Website migrations and SEO Training Session

In this SEO Training Session, I will share the basic steps to never miss in migrations and keep your rankings.

SPOILER: There is a lot more work that needs to be done before the migration. Not after.

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eCommerce SEO Training Session

In this session we will dive into the do's and dont's of eCommerce SEO.

SPOILER: There is a big part that relies on technical SEO and website architecture.

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Website performance and SEO

In this session I will show you how to prioritise the technical upgrades that need to be done to achieve SEO success.

SPOILER: You do not need to fix everything, there are only a few key elements for SEO that need to be tackled.

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