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At Phanum, we aim to support you at the beginning of your freelance journey by taking care of the more daunting tasks of freelancing: finding work, project management, and learning new skills.

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Benefits of joining our collective

Free training materials: you will learn from fellow pros.

A network in the e-commerce space

Mentorship from experienced freelancers.

Support for building your personal brand

Just started freelancing?

You may or may not know this yet, but freelancing requires you to master many disciplines. You cannot just focus on your core skills. You need to be able to sell yourself and build a brand.
These skills can all be picked up over time, however, they can be a source of stress at the beginning.

Freelancer skills:


At Phanum, freelancers work together

Our goal is to reduce risks with a strong professional eCommerce network and facilitate mentorship.
From freelancers to freelancers.


We will help you expand your existing knowledge

You will have access to classes, webinars and trainings. We have hand picked these to improve both your technical and soft skills. Our goal is to fill in the gaps in your knowledge so that you can be competitive in today's skill marketplace.


We will provide you with work

Being a freelancer is not easy. Being a new freelancer can be daunting. That’s why, while you focus on building your skill set, we will worry about finding clients so we can all work together to provide the best service.



We will introduce you to our knowledge network

This is how you solve problems, should they arise. You can always reach out to freelancers in the network and share solutions and responsibilities. This is also how you get to pick up tips and tricks from more experienced freelancers. This network will remain with you, beyond your work with Phanum. 


We support your personal brand

You are a walking business! As all of us freelancers. That is why, we will help you market yourself and build a brand, while at Phanum. Learning by doing from people like you.

Our skills

Phanum works with eCommerce companies exclusively.
These are the skills that allow us to provide the best, most well-rounded service for our clients.
Do you want to add yours?

Technical SEO

Frontend Development

Content marketing

Backend Development


UX/UI Design

Google Analytics

Marketing Automation

Hey freelancer! Are you familiar with any of these skills? Do you bring something new?
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People who thrive in our collective

The professional, dreaming of freelancing

You have a couple years of experience in one of the fields mentioned above, and are seriously thinking of transitioning into full-time freelancing.

You know your skills could be valued higher as a freelancer and the flexibility appeals to you. However, since freelancing is a completely new ballgame, compared to a corporate career, you need help getting started and building a brand.

The enthusiastic rookie, who already took the leap

You took the first leap into freelancing. You've been taking on freelance projects for the past couple of weeks or months. You consider yourself a part-time freelancer. Your network is slowly starting to grow.

But acquiring new clients is hard, time consuming and frustrating. You wish you could have a steady source of incoming projects so you can focus on developing your skills and growing your portfolio.

The 3 Phanum commandments

We stand by these principles, as they have allowed us to grow our community and help many beginner freelancers.

Share your knowledge

There comes a point where you are no longer a rookie. Perhaps we can already benefit from your wisdom. Don’t be stingy and help others learn and expand their skills.

Own it.

At Phanum, we don’t recruit internally for each project. You won’t be paired up with one client at a time. We all share responsibility for the success of each client.

Be proactive

We hate to break it to you grasshopper, but there is a bit of learning foreseen in your near future. So be proactive. Brush up your skills when needed, and ask for help and resources.

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