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We help you to grow double your website traffic with the right SEO strategy. Get the best SEO value with us working on 90-day sprints. 

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Our SEO Consultants


Founder & Chief freelancer

Ecuador. Jairo is specialized in software development for e-commerce and has worked in start-up environments since college. Graduated in Madrid as a software engineer he continued to develop himself as a data analyst and growth hacker. Learn more about me.

His tricks: Python, PHP, JS, Marketing, Make things happen.


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Digital Business consultant

South Africa. Our business intelligence expert. Gained her knowledge through running her own business also in eCommerce. She helps us to draw the paths of our clients. Strategist. Her tricks: Entrepreneurship, Shopify, Excel (really handy), and of course eCommerce.


Graphic Designer

Spain. Art & Design consultant. Graphic Designer. Brand identity provider, creative mind. Specialized in web design and branding. Worked for big corporations and start-ups as lead designer. His tricks: Adobe Package, WordPress, UX, UI.


Digital Marketing consultant

Spain. SEM Consultant. Transforms low budgets into high turnovers. Google certified has worked intensively for multiple marketing agencies. Campaign optimization Expert. Her tricks: Adwords, BingAds, Campaigns Analysis, Growth.


Back-end Developer

Russia. Artur develops for fun. This is a good asset for any software engineer like him. He has gained experience mainly in back-end apps which helps us to build amazing automated features for our clients. Server & Network admin, C(*), Java, Python. Also, he runs his own eCommerce business.


Front-end Developer

Spain. An agile team player transforms data into graphical interfaces using a front-end tech stack. Users love to view and interact with his creations. He built his career in developing web applications. His tricks: Angular, Node ... well whatever involves JavaScript.


Digital Marketing consultant

Italy. SEO Consultant. Takes ideas and delivers results. Worked as lead marketer for multiple retail businesses. Specialized in web strategy, traffic growth, and email marketing. Her tricks: Analytics, Adwords, Social Media, Campaigns Strategy.

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