These 5 SEO tools will help you get #1 rankings in Google

This is the most helpful, condensed and practical list of SEO tools that you can have to boost your eCommerce.

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I’m going to show you what SEO tools we use at Phanum right now (in 2022) to get the highest possible rankings in Google for our eCommerce clients. Basically I am giving away our recipe but remember, it is the chef who still needs to cook it.

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Table of contents

Why using SEO tools for eCommerce?
Benefits of SEO tools for webshops
When using SEO tools for webshops?
The 5 best tools for eCommerce SEO
   #1 Google Search Console
   #2 SERanking
   #3 AnswerThePublic
   #4 ScreamingFrog
   #5 Jasper
 Final thoughts


Why start using SEO tools for eCommerce?

eCommerce sites (webshop, online stores) should drive as much traffic to their online store as possible. The larger your audience, the more sales you will make.

Top 3 direct sales channels for webshops

Top 2 organic sales channels for webshops

  • Organic search, as well as know as SEO.
  • Branding.

These two [branding and SEO] make your business sustainable. Branding is the part that you should take care as a business and Organic search is where Phanum can help. Or you can do effectively by using the tools that we show you in this article.

Focus on SEO means that eCommerce businesses want their pages (whether it be a category or product page) to rank as high as possible for search terms that are relevant to their sales. However, to rank highly in the search rankings, you need to have some understanding of SEO and all the SEO tools that are out there.

eCommerce SEO tools - Phanum

While these SEO tools do provide a tremendous amount of value, they only work if you know how to use them properly and for what purposes. These tools can make your SEO process a lot easier and therefore we do recommend using relevant tools. For example, most of the tools I mention in this article can be used when you perform an eCommerce site audit.

Top 3 Benefits of using SEO tools for webshops


Benefits of SEO tools

1. Your strategy gets effective and fast

2. Your decisions are based on data instead of gut-feeling

3. Your KPIs are easy to measure

The main benefits of using these tools are that you will be able to analyse important statistics much better and spot opportunities to grow your eCommerce business. Without these tools, you wouldn’t be able to tell what to improve exactly and only base your improvements on guesswork. Also having much data available allows to create content fast and effectively which is fundamental for a good SEO strategy.


When using SEO tools for webshops?

In order to improve your rankings organically in search engines, you need tools that will help you understand all the data. And with relevant data, you should be able to make decisions based on facts instead of guesswork. Tools can help you do this and there are a few purposes for which you should use an SEO tool:

SEO Tools to test your eCommerce site’s speed

Search engines prioritize pages in the rankings that load fast, if your pages are not optimized and have slow loading times, they will be severely penalized by the search engines. Testing your site’s speed and making sure the loading times are short is key! Pus your site to test with these 2 SEO tools:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Gtmetrix Website Test

To do keyword research and prioritization

To increase the amount of traffic to your website, you will need to use the right keywords for products and have as many relevant keywords as possible on your site. To discover all the right keywords, you should definitely use a keyword research tool to understand which ones to use – and which ones to drop.

To analyze your competitors

In order to rank higher than your competitors, you need to know how well your competitors are optimized for search engines. It is much better to outperform all your competitors’ pages slightly than to have only a few pages that are much better than your competitors. To understand your competitors, you, therefore, need to have a competitor analysis tool.

To generate more relevant content

Ultimately, you need to improve and generate new content so that your pages become more relevant to users and search engines. However, this often takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. To speed up your processes you need to make use of the latest content generations tools to optimize your content generation process.


The 5 best tools for eCommerce SEO

Use Google Search Console to monitor your webshop’s visibility

Google Search Console - SEO tool - Phanum

The best free tool to improve your organic search rankings is the Google Search Console. You can use this tool for various specific needs such as analyzing the health of your URLs and seeing if every relevant page is indexed.

Next to this, the Google Search Console will give you insights into what queries and keywords your pages rank for and how often they are seen by users. This gives you a huge amount of insights and information, on which you can build your SEO strategy. We recommend using this tool because it is free and there is extensive documentation and free courses on how to use it.

Use SERanking to do keyword research and analyze your competitors

SERanking SEO Tool Example - Phanum

SERanking is a powerful all-in-one SEO tool that we use for multiple purposes because it:

  • Tracks the performance of pages in search engines so that you know what pages to improve
  • Analyses your competitors so that you can find content gaps
  • Allows you to do keyword research so that you know what keywords you should try to rank for

While SERanking is a paid tool, it is definitely worth it in my opinion, as it gives you a lot of quantitative insights which you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Alternatives for SERanking are Ahrefs or Moz, but they are priced at a higher price point. SERanking gives eCommerce stores almost everything they need from an all-in-one tool, and there are only a few upsides to paying more for a similar tool with more features. Therefore, we do recommend using SERanking.

Use AnswerThePublic to discover the most relevant topics to write about

AnswerThePublic - SEO Tool - Phanum


In order to discover the most relevant content to write for a certain keyword, you should use AnswerThePublic. AnswerThePublic collects all the short- and long-tail queries that users type into Google and displays them in such a way that you quickly understand what people want to know about a certain topic.

For example, you can use this tool to discover how and in what context users type in a keyword. Do they want to buy a product? Do they want to find information about it? Or do they want to compare it to another product? This tool will give you very good insights into users’ search behavior and the search intent for each keyword.

AnswerThePublic Result example

AnswerThePublic will give you insights and information about new content ideas so that you can write useful information which people will be searching for.

Ultimately search engines will find this information valuable to their users, and display your pages higher in the search results. Because Google’s main priority is to display to users the information they want to find.

Alsoasked is a good alternative, however, it is less user-friendly and we prefer AnswerThePublic as it displays the right information in a much more efficient manner.

Use ScreamingFrog to find technical issues

Screaming frog - SEO Tool - Phanum

In order to test your URLs and see what to improve on your pages in terms of technical issues, you can best use ScreamingFrog. This tool will crawl your entire webshop in a short amount of time, and highlight specific errors for URLs.

By fixing these errors you will improve the “health” of your URLs and this ultimately improves your site’s performance and speed. This is very valuable to Google and will you will get lower rankings if there are (too many) technical issues on a page.

ScreamingFrog is free to use for up to 500 pages per website, after which you have to pay a fee for using it. Alternatives for ScreamingFrog are Netpeak Spider or Spotibo.

Use Jasper to never experience a writer’s block again SEO tool - Phanum

An AI writing assistant (Jasper) that can help your create content

eCommerce websites can have a huge number of pages with a lot of written content. To speed up the content generation process, you should use an AI content writer, such as Jasper. Nowadays AI-powered tools can write content on their own, in different languages about many different topics. So I am almost certain that Jasper can also write about your products and product categories.

Jasper works by typing in a certain keyword or sentence, after which Jasper will write content about the keyword automatically. While this may sound like the ultimate hack to have unique content on each page, you should be careful using it.

Sometimes the content that Jasper produces can include spelling mistakes. Or the keyword that you gave as input doesn’t result in a text which makes sense. This tool should therefore be seen as an assistant during the content writing process when you don’t have any inspiration, rather than a substitute for a human content writer.

AI writing tools will speed up the writing process because they will prevent you from having a “writer’s block”. Ultimately this tool will help you to generate content and keywords faster for your eCommerce blogs, product, and category pages.

Alternatives that you can use are Rytr or SUUS.AI, but we have found that Jasper is the most powerful out of them all.


Final thoughts

These 5 SEO tools give eCommerce stores the power to analyze data, to spot opportunities for growth in a structured manner. Instead of relying on gut feeling and possibly spending time working on the wrong parts of your eCommerce store.

I hope that you now know a little more about which SEO tools may be helpful for increasing the rankings of your eCommerce site. I and many others at Phanum have used these 5 SEO tools extensively to realize organic growth for our clients, and we hope these tools will do the same for you.

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